A Russian tourist suddenly found out why they are very fond of fat women in Turkey

In Turkey, there are a lot of women with full-length forms, but they are not ashamed of their appearance, they consider themselves attractive, and the Turks are crazy about them. Three reasons why female fullness is so popular in the beach country, named a Russian tourist in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

“An amazing fact: there are a lot of plump women in Turkey, men are just crazy about them. It is the lush ladies in the eyes of the Turks are the most beautiful and attractive, and the women themselves are not ashamed of being overweight and XXL clothing sizes. On the contrary, they are proud of their appearance and never refuse to eat”, – said her compatriot.

The first reason: the anti-trend of the world.

In Russia, as in many countries of Europe and Asia, girls are concerned about constant weight loss and reducing their size. To do this, they go to any length: diets, drugs, gels, fitness marathons. At the same time, the author noted, Turkish women are happy to fill up their sides and do not worry about their “appetizing” forms. “Contrary to the general fashion for thinness, Turkey has its own trends, where fat girls are the favorites … it is fashionable for Turks to be pudgy,” she explained.

At the same time women in the body are not shy about open and tight outfits. The main thing for them is to emphasize the waist, so that the figure resembles an “hourglass”: in the world this figure is the standard of femininity and beauty. But in Turkey there is its own interpretation: the more proportions – the better.

The second reason: an excess of kilograms is a sign of women’s health.

The tourist said that Turkish men consider a woman’s excessive kilograms a sign of health and potential fertility. “It is very important to them that a future wife will be able to give birth to children. Thinness for them is a sign of disease, sticking out bones and lack of body fat they consider painful, and unattractive, respectively,” the tour blogger specified.

Excessive thinness leads Turks to believe that girls are malnourished, do not get the necessary nutrients, which means there is a high chance that pregnancy will not occur. “A girl who doesn’t have a wide enough pelvis, in their opinion, can’t have a baby. These are their beliefs, which have been passed down for generations,” added the Russian woman.

The third reason: a full woman – bright and temperamental

“Despite the widespread opinion that Turkish women are soft and compliant housewives, in fact this is not true. Turkish women are very strong and bossy, which Turks are crazy about. On the other hand, Turkish women are very self-confident, they have high self-esteem and consider themselves to be the most beautiful, so they have high demands on men and do not want to get married as soon as possible,” explained her compatriot.