Famous Turkish businesswoman died after falling from the balcony of a cruise ship

Dilek Ertek, a well-known businesswoman in Turkey, who was a distributor of the Tiffany jewelry brand in the country for more than 20 years, fell from the balcony of a cruise ship in Tahiti, where she went on vacation. It is known that the woman disappeared in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The police put forward the version of a murder.

The incident occurred on October 26, but it has only become known now, as they were searching for the 63-year-old tourist. At the same time law enforcement officers conducted an investigation, suspecting her son’s involvement in the disappearance of the businesswoman.

According to news published in Turizmguncel, it was he who informed the security service of the disappearance of his own mother. After checking the CCTV footage, police found the fateful moment when the woman fell overboard, but it was left out of the picture exactly how it happened and whether anyone was involved. At the same time, relatives of the missing Turkish woman reported that she had not been drinking alcohol and would have had to climb the railing to fall off the balcony. In their opinion, she was hardly capable of doing such a thing.

During the search, which has been going on for two weeks, the tourist’s body was not found. It is already known that the son of the famous Turk, who was on a vacation to Tahiti with her, has filed a lawsuit against the cruise company.