The first snow fell in Antalya, and tornadoes attacked beaches, causing panic

After the prolonged summer season in the resort province of Antalya the first snow fell. At the same time, in one of the eastern districts of Alanya, a giant tornado emerged from the sea on the beaches, causing panic among the tourists vacationing there. The bright natural changes occurring in the vicinity of the resort were captured by cell phone cameras of eyewitnesses.

According to the Turkish edition of Ahaber, the first snowfall of the season occurred in the morning on the Tahtali mountain at an altitude of 2,365 meters in Antalya province. It has turned cold instead of summer in the resort province: while last weekend the temperature was steady at +24°C, on Monday, November 7, the thermometer plunged to 8°C. It was specified that during the snowfall at the top of the mountain the temperature was about +3°C.

It should be noted that snow falls rarely in the coastal areas of Antalya, so for snow tourists and vacationers climb to the plateau, on top of Saklikent or Tahtali Mountain. According to Haydar Gumrukçu, director general of the cable car that services the mountain, the most important feature of the Kemer region is that all seasons can be experienced simultaneously. While it snows on top of the mountain, tourists swim in the sea.

However, the province was not without a natural disaster: a giant tornado formed near the shore near the Konakli area (a resort village between Antalya and Alanya), worried travelers. When they saw the water tornado approaching the beach, holidaymakers rushed off at a scattering pace. As it turned out later, a powerful tornado was visible from many points in the neighborhood. On social media, users posted videos starring the elements with captions: “Wow!” and “Friends lift water from the sea in a legendary way.” Upon reaching the shore, the vortex disappeared.