A Russian tourist suddenly found out why they are very fond of fat women in Turkey

In Turkey, there are a lot of women with full-length forms, but they are not ashamed of their appearance, they consider themselves attractive, and the Turks are crazy about them. Three reasons why female fullness is so popular in the beach country, named a Russian tourist in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

“An amazing fact: there are a lot of plump women in Turkey, men are just crazy about them. It is the lush ladies in the eyes of the Turks are the most beautiful and attractive, and the women themselves are not ashamed of being overweight and XXL clothing sizes. On the contrary, they are proud of their appearance and never refuse to eat”, – said her compatriot.

The first reason: the anti-trend of the world.

In Russia, as in many countries of Europe and Asia, girls are concerned about constant weight loss and reducing their size. To do this, they go to any length: diets, drugs, gels, fitness marathons. At the same time, the author noted, Turkish women are happy to fill up their sides and do not worry about their “appetizing” forms. “Contrary to the general fashion for thinness, Turkey has its own trends, where fat girls are the favorites … it is fashionable for Turks to be pudgy,” she explained.

At the same time women in the body are not shy about open and tight outfits. The main thing for them is to emphasize the waist, so that the figure resembles an “hourglass”: in the world this figure is the standard of femininity and beauty. But in Turkey there is its own interpretation: the more proportions – the better.

The second reason: an excess of kilograms is a sign of women’s health.

The tourist said that Turkish men consider a woman’s excessive kilograms a sign of health and potential fertility. “It is very important to them that a future wife will be able to give birth to children. Thinness for them is a sign of disease, sticking out bones and lack of body fat they consider painful, and unattractive, respectively,” the tour blogger specified.

Excessive thinness leads Turks to believe that girls are malnourished, do not get the necessary nutrients, which means there is a high chance that pregnancy will not occur. “A girl who doesn’t have a wide enough pelvis, in their opinion, can’t have a baby. These are their beliefs, which have been passed down for generations,” added the Russian woman.

The third reason: a full woman – bright and temperamental

“Despite the widespread opinion that Turkish women are soft and compliant housewives, in fact this is not true. Turkish women are very strong and bossy, which Turks are crazy about. On the other hand, Turkish women are very self-confident, they have high self-esteem and consider themselves to be the most beautiful, so they have high demands on men and do not want to get married as soon as possible,” explained her compatriot.

Turkey was accused of making money on Russian tourists bypassing sanctions

The Greek Foreign Ministry accused Turkey of failing to comply with the anti-Russian sanctions and making money off Russian vacationers while other states suffer financial losses. Such a statement was made by First Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece Miltiadis Varvitsiotis during a meeting of the special group for the Mediterranean and the Middle East of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

According to Lenta.ru, citing TASS, Turkey derives “special economic benefits” by bypassing sanctions, continuing to receive income from tourists from Russia. Recall, earlier the Turkish authorities have repeatedly stated that they refuse to join the anti-Russian measures of influence imposed by the West.

The speaker recalled that the Turkish side, instead of canceling Russian tourism, on the contrary, increased the number of seats in their planes to transport Russians to their own resorts. “And Russian oligarchs, who kept their yachts in local ports, moved to Turkish ports,” the deputy minister added.

We should add that any trade deals are currently vital for Turkey, which sees its economy bleeding and inflation crossing the record barrier of 80%. This fact is putting pressure on the popularity of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to economists, this year’s tourism revenues will be even more important for the beach country – it is believed that the head of the country has to provide the population with support, and for that money is needed. According to official figures, the Russian market is the second largest for Turkish tourism: only for the first seven months of the year the country was visited by more than 2 million Russians.

While Russian tourists keep coming to “friendly” Turkey for holidays, the loop of the European Union and the United States tightens around them. Recall that in August Washington warned Turkish companies against any cooperation with Russians under sanctions. At the same time, Ankara said it would improve trade relations with its neighbors, but would not go against the sanctions. In November, Turkish authorities imposed a ban on double-registered Russian planes entering its airspace. However, the new measures had no effect on Russian travelers who were planning to rest at the resorts of the republic. According to experts, Russians fly to Turkey either on the planes of Turkish airlines or on airliners with Russian registration.

Opening date announced for billion-dollar hotel in Turkey, room rates named

The newest project of the Peninsula hotel group, The Peninsula Istanbul, is scheduled to open in Istanbul in February. The group’s first hotel in Turkey, with the declared cosmic cost of a billion dollars, will open in the most popular location on the shores of the Bosphorus. The first guests to book a room at the hotel on the “special offer” the room will cost “only” 1,050 euros per night.

The Peninsula Hotels, a hotel chain that started in 1928 in Hong Kong, specializing in luxury hotels, opens its first hotel in Turkey, “the result of painstaking work to which the brand attaches great importance throughout the world”. Note that in Europe, a hotel of the group opened only in Paris, three other hotels work in the U.S. and six – in Asian countries. The Peninsula Istanbul will be located in three renovated historic buildings on the shores of the Bosphorus – the buildings themselves were built in the early 1900s. Tourists are promised “a view of the Historic Peninsula, flower gardens and the connection of East and West. In total, Peninsula Istanbul will offer tourists 177 rooms ranging in size from 40m2 to spacious suites with sea views.

Clement Kwok, Chairman and Managing Director of The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited, which owns and operates Peninsula Hotels, said, “As an investor with many years in the business, we spend years choosing the best location when opening a Peninsula hotel. Together with our esteemed partners Doğuş Group and Bilgili Holding, we are pleased to expand our global presence with the opening of The Peninsula Istanbul. We have put a lot of time and effort into restoring this beautiful home on the Bosphorus and look forward to welcoming our guests.”

Tourists were also informed that “exclusively for the opening” The Peninsula Istanbul is presenting a special offer of €1,050 per room, including tomorrow. In addition, the first tourists will be able to receive a €100 gift voucher for restaurants, spas and wellness services, and free airport transfers for all suites booked.

A gang of raiders who seized a hotel with tourists was arrested in Kemer, Turkey

Six suspects have been detained in an operation undertaken by the Turkish gendarmerie against an organized criminal gang that seized an operating hotel with tourists in the Kemer area of the resort province of Antalya.

Sozcu newspaper reported that law enforcers conducted an operation against a gang of raiders who were found to have forcibly seized an operating hotel worth $15 million located in the popular resort village of Geynuk in Kemer on the Mediterranean Sea. Previously, they had provided the hotel administration with false documents, took a number of other fraudulent actions, and with threats “attacked” the tourist facility. Data on whether tourists were involved in the “showdown” was not reported.

As part of the operation, simultaneous searches were conducted at 7 addresses belonging to 6 suspects. Unlicensed hunting rifle, 19 pistol cartridges, 7 cell phones and forged documents were seized during police raids. Six suspects were detained in the case.

Famous Turkish businesswoman died after falling from the balcony of a cruise ship

Dilek Ertek, a well-known businesswoman in Turkey, who was a distributor of the Tiffany jewelry brand in the country for more than 20 years, fell from the balcony of a cruise ship in Tahiti, where she went on vacation. It is known that the woman disappeared in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The police put forward the version of a murder.

The incident occurred on October 26, but it has only become known now, as they were searching for the 63-year-old tourist. At the same time law enforcement officers conducted an investigation, suspecting her son’s involvement in the disappearance of the businesswoman.

According to news published in Turizmguncel, it was he who informed the security service of the disappearance of his own mother. After checking the CCTV footage, police found the fateful moment when the woman fell overboard, but it was left out of the picture exactly how it happened and whether anyone was involved. At the same time, relatives of the missing Turkish woman reported that she had not been drinking alcohol and would have had to climb the railing to fall off the balcony. In their opinion, she was hardly capable of doing such a thing.

During the search, which has been going on for two weeks, the tourist’s body was not found. It is already known that the son of the famous Turk, who was on a vacation to Tahiti with her, has filed a lawsuit against the cruise company.

ANEX Tour made a statement on Turkey for summer 2023

Russian tour operator Anex-Tour has decided on Turkey for next year and announced the opening of early booking sales for the summer season-2023 in Antalya and other Turkish resorts. According to the tour operator’s statement, offers are available with departure from Moscow and 10 other Russian cities.

“Programs on blocks are actual for three destinations – Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum”, – said experts in “ANEX Tour”. Thus, flights to the main resort province of Antalya tours are available from 11 cities of Russia. This Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Omsk, Perm, Samara, Surgut, Tyumen, Ufa, Chelyabinsk. The flights to Dalaman and Bodrum airports (Mugla province, Aegean Sea) will be booked only from three Russian cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan.

In addition, the tour operator specialists reminded holidaymakers about the possibility of booking only ground service in Turkey. The assortment of hotels is rich – more than 500 hotels on Antalya and Aegean coasts are opened.

As for prices, for example, the cost of a week tour for two people in the second half of May with a flight from Moscow starts from 115 thousand rubles in a five-star hotel. The organized tour with a flight from Kazan with the same conditions starts from 148 thousand rubles. The price already includes fuel surcharge.

Let us remind that Russian travelers don’t need a visa or documents confirming safe covid status to visit Turkey. Validity of a passport must be strictly more than 120 days from the date of crossing the Turkish border.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “Anex Tour” announced a real squadron of flights to Goa – details here.

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The first snow fell in Antalya, and tornadoes attacked beaches, causing panic

After the prolonged summer season in the resort province of Antalya the first snow fell. At the same time, in one of the eastern districts of Alanya, a giant tornado emerged from the sea on the beaches, causing panic among the tourists vacationing there. The bright natural changes occurring in the vicinity of the resort were captured by cell phone cameras of eyewitnesses.

According to the Turkish edition of Ahaber, the first snowfall of the season occurred in the morning on the Tahtali mountain at an altitude of 2,365 meters in Antalya province. It has turned cold instead of summer in the resort province: while last weekend the temperature was steady at +24°C, on Monday, November 7, the thermometer plunged to 8°C. It was specified that during the snowfall at the top of the mountain the temperature was about +3°C.

It should be noted that snow falls rarely in the coastal areas of Antalya, so for snow tourists and vacationers climb to the plateau, on top of Saklikent or Tahtali Mountain. According to Haydar Gumrukçu, director general of the cable car that services the mountain, the most important feature of the Kemer region is that all seasons can be experienced simultaneously. While it snows on top of the mountain, tourists swim in the sea.

However, the province was not without a natural disaster: a giant tornado formed near the shore near the Konakli area (a resort village between Antalya and Alanya), worried travelers. When they saw the water tornado approaching the beach, holidaymakers rushed off at a scattering pace. As it turned out later, a powerful tornado was visible from many points in the neighborhood. On social media, users posted videos starring the elements with captions: “Wow!” and “Friends lift water from the sea in a legendary way.” Upon reaching the shore, the vortex disappeared.