Mankind would appreciate the Earth for their existence on the universe for the unique nature of Earth, for having fresh air, water and soil which enable living creatures to live for thousands of years.
Anatolia is the root of many civilizations that have passed over it. Anatolia is a pupil of the Earth with its fertile lands, rivers, variety of climate and flora and the seas surrounding three side. Also for us, it has been a homeland from our ancestors over many generations.
After all, these unique lands also have the most precious and exclusive regions. The most priceless beauties have been donated to Turkish people by nature. There are protected areas with the waterfalls, with the hills where the sun rises and sets, with the lakes surrounded by colorful trees and snowy mountains with smoky hillside: The National Parks of Turkey.
Inside some regions there are old trees whose roots embedded to rich soil, green lake sides, and birds migrating by singing the song of freedom… Our country contains 40 National Parks where we have always found these kind of beauties.
    National Parks are areas of land that are owned and protected by government because of their beauty, biological and natural sources or its importance to history or science.
    Some of these unique areas that have been presented to us by nature are found on sea side, some are found on elevations caused by waterways and some of them lie through endless moorland. It is caused by special geographical location where keeping the four seasons at the same time and harboring a very important part of diverse climate and flora.
    As if our whole country has been declared as a National Park of the Earth. Wherever you look, wherever you turn your head, you would be influenced by the beauty of the nature.
    Our National Parks spreading over a wide area, also harbor all these richness from pinewoods that clean the air like the lungs of the area, to rocks which are cultural elements from pre historic era. Our National Parks are the country of many rare beauties.
    Not only with their natural and cultural values, but they are also visiting points for guests both from the country and from outside. Besides, for people living nearby, National Parks are the center of the social and cultural activities, relaxation, fun and they are the way that you refresh yourselves in the chaos of life.
    When people see the most beautiful shots of the nature and  all tones of red, yellow, orange and green falling on lucent water, maybe they believe the story of mythological hero Narcissus who had fall in love with himself when he saw on the lake.
    With the coming spring, needle leaved trees and black pines are replaced by the attractive view of green and yellow.
    The life inside the National Parks of Turkey continues with huge enthusiasm on small puddles and hills where branches of trees touch the clouds. It feels just like on the clouds under the shade of those high elevation trees in protected areas. That moment feels like in a dreamland(tale).
    Watching the sunset from among black pines and indigenous sweet gums in Aegean Sea coast and staring at the sky to see the rainbow colors reminds people about the universe and its miraculous existence.
    Large and small rivers has generated deep valleys by carving beds for hundreds of years. Then those deep valleys meet landforms which seems like the body of an organism. And just like the facial lines of an old man, drainage basins treat the soil gently.
    In our National Parks, people feel as if they see the core of Earth while extending their hands through deep canyon coasts. They are not just places to rest and to watch the beauties of nature, also irrevocable centers for mountain, forest and winter sports activities.
Together with fresh air and plenty of oxygen, there is another requirement of life: water. The water is also found in abundance as streams, lakes and as spring waters in our National Parks. Under the shades of trees swaying left and right, it seems like the flowers loving waterfronts and can't wait for opening their petals.
    Aliveness continue its existence in all respects in Turkey's National Parks and in those areas all features coming from a balanced ecosystem are also observed. Our National Parks are also home for many mammalians, amphibians, endemic species and insects.
 Leafs of the flowers appear to be created for the thirst of slaking insects. Huge amount of endemic plant species participate in Turkey's National Park flora.
    In spring times, our National Parks are full of green, yellow colors and flowers. Bees flowing over colorful flowers are like the forerunners of spring. Under the blue sky, wind sings to pine trees and go along the sky.
Since this geography has been an intercontinental bridge and intersected 3 different flora region among 37 different ones, it has had a rich biological variety as well as cultural and historical. Indeed, 3 hot points which are needed to be protected and rich in terms of biological variety are found in Turkey. Having 3 hot points together with the China and South Africa, Turkey is one of the most important countries in terms of natural riches.
In that sense, National Parks are hosting many endangered and endemic plant and animal species. These protected areas of Turkey harbor diverse ecosystems extending from seas, coasts, lakes and streams, deep valleys and galleys to icecaps; also from black sea forests and plateau to Ağrı Mountain.
    Throughout the history, before now, the mankind had lived a little bit faintheartedly in the nature. Now the mankind is trying to adjudge the nature which is a part of the human.
Human who was living with what he takes from the Earth and life, who was obeying the rules and maybe being shy and helpless against nature, has progressed nonstop in that way since the most primordial technology had been used. At the present time, mankind realizes that the nature has been destroyed irreversibly.
National Parks of Turkey, unfortunately, are remaining parts from that huge destruction in our country. In those areas, a person who sat in a river shore or went across a bridge, more bewail those destructions. especially in our recent history they have risen.
Fortunately, insistent nature is maintaining its resistance and our country has been supporting that resistance by making laws since 1950's and by establishing National Parks.
Yozgat Pine Grove National Park has been declared as our first National Park in 1958 with its steppes of Central Anatolia Region, its historical construction and its endemic black pines.  
In autumn when the leaves of trees pale and shed, with lush forests and lake sides which seem like silhouette and with amazing streams, National Parks of Turkey save people from habitats that are turning into concrete and also protects living beings from disappearing.
The big puddles are laying out the views of clouds on the sky to people. They are cooling bunches of willow trees. The sound of insects and amphibians is persisting like an endless melody in those areas which are needed care by mankind.
Fresh and salty water gathers in reeds and those areas host many plant species which cannot be found anywhere else on the Earth. Every year birds migrate almost through all over the World by travelling between Africa- Europe- Asia by the reeds that are just like caravansaries that enable migrating birds to accommodate. The reeds become straw, pillow and basket also for people.
The big wetlands of Turkey's National Parks are also hosting ducks which move together in a harmony. On the water ducks and other aquatic birds are flying together like little children and swimming around the land by creating a line.
Our National Parks, apart from having all these natural beauties, also having diverse landforms, geomorphological formations, canyon walls and cave systems; catch many sporters' attention.
Lots of trekking tracks and diverse climbing routes make Turkey's National Parks to seem attractive for many athletes. There are lots of opportunities provided by National Parks such that you can make long trekking with amazing view and then rest in picnic areas and seats. Those views seem like paintings made by an artist.
The National Parks of Turkey are also preferred by bird watchers and nature photographer. Those areas are very convenient for doing every kind of nature activities such as camping or just watching environment on a chair peacefully.
Forests which are defined as National Park, occupy important places almost in all Europe, as in Turkey. Our National Parks are mainly composed of forests.
Since oxygen is one of the most important elements required to sustain life, forests are so unique creatures in terms of enriching the air with oxygen. Therefore, we can identify the forests as the lungs of the Earth.
Forests are complicated and large land ecosystems harboring many trees, herbaceous plants, fungi, microorganisms and animals.
Forests also serve many purposes such as holding soil with roots, preventing overflow of streams, regulating precipitation, providing most of the water which is an essential element of life, protecting wild life and hunting sources.
Thanks to the Turkey's geographical location and climate features, forests included in National Parks of Turkey have very colorful and various appearances.
Our country has a rich flora from high mountain grasses to tropic plants, and from steppes to coniferous and broad leaved trees.  
Especially in Mediterranean side where sunny days are dominant, scrubs loving sun light and resistant to heat and drought occupy a broad place. On the contrary, in black sea region, plants loving the cloudy and rainy places grow.
In black sea region, broad leaved trees are seen on foothills of a mountain but while going high coniferous trees are observed. In Mediterranean, drought resistant plants are replaced with steppes by going through inner sides.
East and Central Anatolia region are mostly surrounded by forests which are relatively resistant to drought and cold. Oak, black pine and juniper trees are dominantly found in those areas, but comparing with coast regions, forests are much rarer.
In our country, there are also under protection and endangered forest areas. Hundreds of species are known and identified, but it is estimated that there are more plant species than that.
    In these forest lands, 30-40 meter long beech trees, and very specific black pines are found. In addition to these, those specific areas host plants which are special to Turkey like Ballıbaba or Sığırkuyruğu.
When beech and spruce trees with all majesty are looking for sky, people' hearts are filled with fraternal emotions. The melody of green combining with the color of blue and white become the source of deep visually in our National Parks.
From among the rocks, the great pinewoods and hornbeams lie through the sky. Yellow and green shining of grasses and bushes go along. The shining of the sea spreads over mountains and far away from there, maybe a village, maybe a town or maybe a city show itself in the unique nature.
    In our country many National Parks are the coasts of big settlements. Among them, some are also hosting traditional living places of local people such as villages and plateaus.
Moreover, there are National Parks where there is no settlement places, there is no human trace. They are inside of carstic collapses and isolated environment.
Some of our National Parks are evaluated by local people as celebrity places like weddings and festivals. These cities resemble wardens who have been waiting settlement places and guarding them for thousands of years.
The National Parks of Turkey have human traces on their cultural and historical structures. When the winds that accompany the adventure of humankind for thousands of years, are vibrating twigs, the rocks surrounded by grasses and mosses can draw attention of human.
The historical residues of nature make people think of their life borders, of universe and of amazing history of world. Once upon a time, people who have been living in those areas have created the most magnificent works of time. But now they have succumbed to time and have returned to the body of stubborn and fertile nature.
The rock resembling an alone and sad person can fill the heart of people with a heavy excitement and with a deep nostalgia in Turkey's National Parks.
A doline lake formed from the downfall of the calcareous land, can front the people as it like brown and smooth floor among the pine forests; with foamy sides mixing in the whiteness of snow and with surprising living beings inside.
In our National Parks, deep waterways of which hillsides are snow covered, are full of trees which never shed their leaves. Those waterways sometimes form majestic views when their hills are covered with fog. It resembles a tough teacher because of their steep canyon walls. With that appearance, it also attract adventurers to face off.
In addition to extraordinary beauties, Turkey's National Parks have amazing landscape beauties. They are like a mother trying to sleep her child when snow falls from high mountains through hillsides of streams.
In sunny days, forests including trees like Sarıçam, Göknar, Meşe, Gürgen and shrubs like Kızılcık, Ormangülü, Üvez; bloom and shine like a sea under the full moon.
As if sky lands on foggy terraces. When people meet those kind of views, they see that those keep the spirit of mysterious stories and legends alive.
Our some National Parks are integrated with cities and settlements. The ones that are not that close to the cities, are connected with highways. That connection approaches people to those wonders of nature.
More than one institutions such as Ministry of Forestry and Water Management, Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock and Ministry of Culture and Tourism are authorized to protect wildlife in the Turkey. All institutions work through to protect ecological balance by creating protection areas by considering its responsibilities and authorization.
Decreasing the effect of disturbed balance of the nature is aimed by announcing natural parks, nature reserve areas, natural protected areas, and environmental protection areas, wetlands which are important internationally, protecting and developing areas for wildlife.
Especially during the recent years, developments about natural parks and similar protection areas are done and total area of protection has expanded from 350 thousand hectare to 750 thousand hectare. Furthermore it is allowed to build facilities for service in natural parks considering the protection balance.
While sun paints the hills which it sets behind to orange, woodlands covered by haze reminds the mystery forests in fairytales which are told to Anatolian people in their childhood.  Evening sun gets into the houses of the people who are lucky to live in the place which is considered as a Natural Park.
Red-tiled roofs seems like a yew tree fruits which begun to ripen, time to time appear and disappear as like a day dream, under the trees as if trying to reach the branches to cliffs.
Newly sprouted plants extends into the daylight from fertile forest soils, also daylight comes enthusiastically trough to these buddings via passing among spaces of forest vegetation.
Every dry leaf falling in autumn glide elegantly afloat, as it knows that it becomes the nutrient of nature and recreate itself in the new born sprouted plants.
Unless relentlessly damaged or get rid of completely by people, nature finds a way to continue. National Park areas in our country provide self-reproducing and continuity to
nature. And the nature just by being protected, when left to its own, it can restore its stunning beauty without need of extra effort by mankind.
This unstoppable self-renewal cycle of the nature is not just for protect its own continuity and existence. Ice cold waters somehow find their way through underground to the surface of the planet and quench the thirst of trees and humankind alike.
Bees, flying between colorful flowers, are producing honey that is food and source of healing not just for themselves but also for people. For bees, process of food gathering is for the good of their colony but at the same time they contribute to pollination by spreading pollens between flowers.
This tremendous balance of nature, like the perfect geometry of rings that spread out over the water with harmony, stuns the people who have the opportunity to observe it from edges of lakes and under shadows of shiny leaves of tall trees. National Parks in our country, give exactly this chance to Turkish people and foreigner guests.
As it is known, these lands have been home for dozens of civilizations and a lot of communities that visits time to time because of both geopolitical importance and natural resources.  National Parks of Turkey still carries signs of the great historical heritage dating back to thousands of years.
Anatolian lands have witnessed a lot of historical progress since mankind started to write its own history, from efforts of transition to sedentary agricultural production to the first states that turned into magnificent empires. The ruins still maintained almost all of these evidences within the protected nature within Turkish National Parks.
From old Ionian cities to Troy; like Akkad, Assyria, Lydia, Phrygia are in these lands. Archaeological remains of late Hittite period, hieroglyphs, the ancient cities of the Hellenistic period, unequaled giant statues of the world are some of the riches that make up the cultural structure of Turkey's National Parks.
The ancient cities are the most important centers of their time with their bustling and majestic stone-paved roads, houses, temples and amphitheaters. Today they are hardly discernable from the natural decorum that grow around them.
Some of these structures are quite well preserved until today, those stay in dwarf shrubs proudly, a little forgotten like they miss their demanded days.
Hundreds of years ago, these walls were supposed to protect castle courtyards and people who lived inside of  it, ruined fortifications stay in there sadly because they cannot fulfill their expected functions. Besides, they look like they're enjoying their retirement in midst of the great nature.
Decades years old stone walls can be seen in the National Parks of our country which make feel you as they wear out because they're paying the price of being cut off from the nature in order to serve humans it continues its life like in the old days.
Some of these ruins provide to complete structures in people's minds with the covered details without they realize. A person looking the remains in our National Park, can feel residents of the structures from ancient times might suddenly pop up from the corner.
This historic value in Turkey's National Parks, encourage to mankind's desire of comprehend past and of going to the land of imagination. People can imagine themselves as overlooking a spreading old city or perhaps work as masons in the construction of the buildings.
A domed ceiling that is partly standing, remains of an old road that can only outline its old presence or houses that left just enough material to fuel your imagination can make you feel like you're in a time tunnel.
Among the remains of the historic structures of our National Parks, there are graves of people who lived and passed away a long time ago, evidencing the struggle for the domination that continued thousands of years, there are castles that have view of the sea between their fortifications.
Seeing the crescent and star flag waving in front of a historical castle which centuries ago was standing but now only has the outer walls; seeing in front of the bushy forests of our national park, ensures a wind of pride that has been severed from chains of time and place.
The ruins that tired of resisting the time, camouflaged as a modest piece of nature on earth with the mossy stones and gaps of those stones became home for the many creatures. Other than the ruins there is resting zone of heroes that cannot fall prey to time and bear the palm of unforgettable victories inside of National Parks.
Martyrdom is one of them that our ancestors graves who participated in the War of Independence, perhaps one of the struggles that make existence of the Republic of Turkey.
Perhaps this era of heroes that determines the fate of all of us in our recent history,
They are resting peacefully with whom they went to death under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal's statue and also under the shadow of the red flag in Generalissimo Historical National Park near Afyon.
Our national parks which have their own historical abundance and natural resources, hosts lands with bumps decorated by snow majority of time and whirling clouds in the sky, like a mark that reminiscent of the power of creation and viability.
At the same time our national parks are hosting; lakes that are reflecting every shade of green like a mirror created by nature, seas that are spraying white foams to the horizon, with dozens of species that nest in the reeds and also endangered animals.
    Sometimes you can see wild horses reminds humanity the value of the freedom while they are feeding without fear in some of our National Parks, and also sometimes you can face with sheep that graze near the lakes which belongs to villagers that deal with animal husbandry
You can be witness wild birds suddenly starting to fly in an awe circumambulate in the sky at National parks which is pupils of our country. You can also see bees feverishly working and almost racing for bring food to home generously offered to them as blessings of nature.
An aquatic bird flapping its wings to the freedom in front of settled greenery between the blue sky and ground.
It feels endless to the people when looking the horizon from a unique seaside created by majestic and generous nature.
This territories of our country that has put in protection, declared as national park where visitors meets with flowers and herbs that has been source of healing for centuries  to people. It perceived people wandering above never-ending feast of nature amidst extended bodies of trees as far as the eye can see looks like under the shells containing thousands of years with wisdom.
It is not only above-ground riches gives the priceless value of our national parks but also unique shapes of ground, worth visit formation of geomorphological areas
Spectacular dynamics of the earth give forms of these beauty in hundreds, thousands of years like needlework. Waters gushing out from narrow grooves between rocks,
Provides to accumulation of minerals when come out over ground and ensures travertine formation that looks like a fluffy beds of nature.
Dripping waters from stalactites of caves appears like roads going through to the heart of the earth while flowing through travertine deposits; people feel as if nature creates a shelter for human and they suddenly go back thousands of years to the life of their ancestors.
Existence of 800 caves has been proved and documented by scientific examinations in our country. In fact, the number of documented caves besides the estimated 40,000 caves existence in Turkey it seems quite low number.
Calcification areas are important places in terms of cave formations that common in our country, especially on the Western and Central Taurus Mountains.
With 18 kilometers length the longest cave in Turkey is Pınarözü Cave and again the deepest cave of our country is Çukurpınar Sinkhole with 1880 meters located on this mountain chain.
    As it says goodbye to people of daylight withdrawn at the entrance, nature if these landforms caused by its architectural genius, with the stalactites and stalagmites each seems like created by different artists and with place to place columns that merge of those, takes place with astonishing beauty that National Parks hosts.
Caves located in the National Park's boundary attracts the people want to be witness of amazing nature carve out with artistically and also athletes who want to experience unique sense of discover depth of ground.
Just like caves which are formed by the nature with its particular patience and permanency within thousands year even millions, canyons, which are simply defined as walls of river valleys, are also one of the beauty harbored by National Parks. Hundreds of geographical formations, resulted of age long efforts of not only rivers' itself but also rain and wind, exist within the border of our country.
Certain national parks of our country which harbors hundreds of canyons which is formed in it with its particular geographic and climatic features encloses areas with majestic natural formations. While some of these geographical formations as Saklıkent Canyon and Canyon with the Bridge (Köprülü Kanyon) are the main beauty in the national park to preserve, national parks are called as the name of these geographical formations
Canyon sports which needs a lot of technical knowledge and abilities to do like albinism, rock climbing, camping, underwater swimming are some of the sports that can be done at the geographical formations which is common in Turkey.
    Rivers which are flowing through valleys for hundreds of years are center of attraction for nature lovers and sportsmen. These rivers are proper places for rafting which is an adrenaline-filled sport.
The nature which is accepted as cradle of civilization, gives an example about how to live with living creatures which are living in dense forest to the people, with tranquility, and with peace.
Lakes which are painted to green by the reflection of trees, water bodies which are crystallized as streaks drawn by talented hands of the nature and rocks which are lie down through surface as trying to reach eternity in the middle of wide plains are health sources seeping to bodies, souls and breaths of people from our country.
Knowing the existence of natural protection areas, being aware of having these areas which is easily reachable by people who want to be alone in the nature give self-confidence of the tree which stays alone for hundred years.
    Wandering between natural beauties which forms natural parks, living close to these beauties make people think that how unbearable to live in a country which has poor natural protection policy.
Listening the sound of the river while sitting on a wooden bench near to the river in the middle of the forest, smelling the specific scent of humid soil make people grateful for existence of natural parks.
And clouds… they play with passing time and with daylight over the streams, the seas and dizzy landforms. During that time, with forests having all tones of green; with yellow, orange and gray steppes; and with canyons, our National Parks attract all people.
National parks of Turkey includes bays which are unspoiled and covered by the sea as sheet, harbors which are shaped by the people from hundreds years ago who knows where to live very well, and opportunities of spending dreamy time in the middle of the nature for people from all over the world.
Flowers which are seen like a new born baby just opening eyes, they proliferate in white and blue color like mimicking the clouds in the sky. They indicate the colorful enthusiasm of spring.
Trees in all shapes and sizes swipe the time in the shadow of unspoiled nature which makes the time passes faster than ever.
    The leaves of rare plants that surprise people with their unique geometry, a crowd of flowers which left themselves to wind, poppies with red petals which look alike standing alone, like a delicate and elegant woman… Those evoke feelings to protect the nature and to extend time and memories passing in national parks.
Our National Parks as in their natural form, have great role transmitting the nature and the culture through next generations. While National Parks present unique beauties and creations which belong to thousands years old civilizations, also they serve as resting areas for people.
Those conserved areas are headstones of national and international nature conservation strategy. Those conserved lands are so important and valuable areas and effective tools for managing the natural heritage.
The relationship between human and land has become crucial in the historical period of protected areas. People are a part of land, nature and cultural sources. They are also a part of view of Earth. The idea that without the integrity of people and nature protected areas remain weak, has been getting stronger.
Only when the individuals are aware of the importance of protecting nature in te1rms of living things and Earth, in that time, they rebuilt the integrity between environment and human. We can easily state that as a society, the responsibility which we take is extremely important and historical. We must take care of that natural and cultural heritage.
The destruction against to Earth has been increasing tremendously in our era. For that reason, when we think those richness of our country, our sensitivity to the environment is vitally important both for us and for following generations.
The adventure of Earth and human has been still going on since thousands of years. Although we behave rustic against to Earth, it still allows us to breathe and to reproduce.
National Parks stand like memorials remembering our old Earth give the nature for us gently. We have learned making fire, making tools a long time ago. And more recently, we have learned to watch our blue planet from our flying machines. Though, our blue planet still keeps moving around both sun and itself with its mysterious secrets.
Despite broad knowledge and extensive discovery of human, the mystery of aliveness and of whole nature is still remains. This unsolved mystery is should taught to the next generations. This is in our hands. We should see National Parks as living things. They carry the healthy life in their seeds.
Our old and unique Earth will continue to rotate. More children will run, play, look to sky, see the birds and take a breath deep to their lungs. Maintaining these National Parks that have been preserved thus far is within our hands now.